Golf Pride Grips

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The better golfers know that the grip that has a significant impact on all aspects and intricacies of the game. It is also the only part of the club that is in actual contact of the golfer at all times. Thus, when this importance is understood, most golfers would want to make sure that they have Golf Pride Grips on their clubs.

Golf Pride Grips are known to offer the most exceptional control and accuracy to the player, bringing about a drastic improvement and precision to his game. And one of the most popular of the series is the New Decade MultiCompound grips, the first choice for many professionals and amateurs.

The highlight of the golf pride grips is the irresistible combination of the sturdy cord and the supple rubber, that are fused together to make the grip offer the best of both worlds to the lucky player. In an exceptional, and exclusive, fusion, the MultiCompound comes with a smooth Velvet Cord upper hand, and a soft, rubber lower hand, a recipe to die for.

While the agile rubber provides ultimate flexibility and responsiveness, the black cord offers an unrivaled firmness, along with a must-have all-weather quality. With an unbelievable moisture management capacity, incredible responsiveness, and an astonishing surface texture, the Multi Compound seems to have got it all right. You are missing out on a legend if you don’t have this grip wrapped around your golf club and equipment.

Assuring a high level of positive performance, these grips are popular for their exciting persona and potential. And if these qualities were not enough, the grip takes a full ten for its style and appearance. A great accessory to flaunt.

Golf Pride has a real winner here with the New Decade Golf Pride Grips. They have raised the bar and taken technology to a new level. MultiCompound Golf Pride Grips give you an edge.