How Can You Use Golf Shaft Flex To Your Advantage

Shaft Flex

What is shaft flex, and what do you know about the shafts in your golf clubs?

If you can’t recite their shaft flex, torque, or even their manufacturer, you aren’t alone. (And you probably arent alone if you dont even know what those terms mean.) Yet, understand them or not, shafts and their properties have a huge impact on your game. Too stiff or soft a shaft flex, and your shots may stray into the rough; too much or too little torque and your shots could be flying everywhere except where you want them to go. If you are a golfer, Sudbury golf club Website will become you favorite place to be.

Virtually everybody in the industry acknowledges that the shaft is the most important component of a club. Choosing the right shaft is crucial to lowering your scores as well as giving you the feel and control you desire. But making the right choice can be a confusing process because shafts have so many variables. And because of those many variables, we cant absolutely, positively tell you the one model that best suits your game.

But we can steer you in the right direction by helping you eliminate many of the wrong choices. Ultimately-and we know youve heard this before, but its never more true than it is for shafts-its going to come down to how a shaft feels to you.

What Is Shaft Flex And, More Importantly, What Is yours?

Shaft Flex is the amount of bend in a shaft, typically designated by one of five letters: L (ladies), A (senior), R (regular), S (stiff), and X (extra stiff), from most flexible to least. Swing tempo (elapsed time of your swing) and swing speed (clubhead speed at impact) are the two principal factors in determining your proper flex. If theyre fast, youll generally need a stiffer flex. If theyre slower, you can play a more whippy (softer) shaft. When trying to figure their flex, most people overestimate their swing speed and tempo. Get yours measured by a clubfitter or at a golf shop equipped with a speed gun. Take your normal swing for an accurate read so that the clubfitter can offer calculated suggestions.

Why Don’t All Like Flexes Feel the Same?.

Because there are no standards among shaft manufacturers, one brands R flex (or any flex, for that matter) wont feel or perform like anothers. Likewise, the same shaft installed in different club heads will feel different because of the heads specifications-geometry, weight, hosel length, and so on-and their effect on how the shaft reacts. Experts say this is why youre best off trying several shafts in your current clubs if youre re-shafting, or in new clubs if youre considering a purchase. Also note that a shaft with a smaller tip diameter will usually feel soft, a larger tip will feel stiff.

Confused, talk to a Pro. Better Golf Clubs will design a club for you with the right shaft flex, which will not only will help you play better golf, it will also increase your confidence, and optimize your game.