Maltby Irons

On Special is a set of Brand New Maltby Irons, Custom Fitted with Graphite Design Shafts. You get 8 clubs, 4 to 9, PW and GW.

New for 2010, the Maltby M-Series Tour Edition Forged Irons replace the popular MTF Forged Irons. The Tour Edition Forged Iron club head has been developed based on customer request for a traditional cavity back design with less graphics and new grooves to meet 2010 USGA guidelines. The exceptionally clean look of the M-Series TE irons along with a traditional blade profile appeals to the better players and traditionalist looking for more forgiveness. The Maltby Irons irons are the result of a tireless five step forging process that starts with a raw billet of 1035 carbon steel and through a series of 5 different forging dies and multiple heat treating process’ creates an incredibly precise finished head requiring very little surface grinding. Typical forged cavity backs only utilize one forging die and have to be hand ground into the final shape and head weight, causing inconsistencies in every clubs specifications from one club to the next. By optimizing the center of gravity position, the Maltby Irons offer Super Game Improvement playability, combined with the exceptional feel and look of a true forged, players cavity iron.


  • Five-step true forging process provides unparalleled quality and playability.
  • 1035 Carbon Steel provides a soft, solid feel and allows for easy adjustability.
  • Traditional blade profile appeals to better players and traditionalist while maintaining a high playability.
  • Cavity back design concentrates weight around the perimeter and low, yielding a very forgiving “players” club.
  • Mirror, nickel chrome finish enhances feel and enhances the clean, traditional appearance.
  • Blended leading and trailing edges of the sole will not snag.
  • Grooves CNC milled to meet 2010 USGA guidelines.
  • Universal hosel bore diameter allows for .355 and .370 tip shafts
  • Available #3 PW, GW
  • RH only

The Maltby Irons will be designed and built to your exact specifications, through a custom fitting process designed to give you optimum performance from the new clubs.

 At only $888.00 This is a unique opportunity to buy an exceptional set of Maltby Golf Irons, engineered to your exact specifications.