What Are The Best Golf Grips

Best Golf GripsThe golf grip is the only contact we have with the club so choosing the Best Golf Grips can be a challenge because of the many options available to us. The better players understand the importance of a correctly fitted grip and they continuously try to find the Best Golf Grips for their game.

Traditional grip fitting is based on the size of your hand, but recent tests have shown that the conventional grip sizing process does not work very well. The process is flawed because it does not take into account how you grip the club or what actually happens during the golf swing itself. Finding the correct grip size has nothing to do with the size of your hands, or material or texture. It has everything to do with the dynamics of your swing.

To find the Best Golf Iron Grips you need to consider your physical characteristics such as the size of your hands, but it is much more important to understand how hard you grip the club, how far do you hit the ball, do you play in dry or humid conditions, do you prefer a rough or a smooth texture, and how comfortable does the grip feel in your hands.

My theory is that the Best Golf Grips are the ones that give you confidence at address, that feel like a natural extension of the club, and that the contact with your hand feels secure and comfortable.

What this means is that the Best Golf Grips for you may not necessarily be what you originally thought. The size itself depends not only on the size of your hands, but on how your fingers grip the club. Our fingers give us the main tactile feedback to the brain and they do this in different ways, some need to wrap their fingers right around the club, other hold it loosely in their hands. What they are actually measuring is the tactile feedback which tells the brain to instruct the hands how to grip the club for that particular swing.

The feel or texture is a personal thing which can relate to your personality, temperament, physique, or character. In simple terms, some like the feel of a rough grip as it gives a sense of better traction, and others prefer a smooth grip as it gives much better feel. I prefer a rougher texture because I am concerned that the club might fly off (it has happened a couple of times in the wet) but I use a soft grip on my wedges to get the extra feel around the green.

Choosing the Best Golf Grips therefore has a lot to do with feel. Once you understand how hard you grip the club, what texture you prefer, and what feels comfortable in your hands, you can decide from there what works best for you.

Your grips can easily cost you 5 strokes per round, but buying the most expensive grips doesnt necessarily guarantee you the best quality. The opposite is true: some of the best golf grips are some of the most affordable. Look around and choose wisely. Expert advice is priceless.

The experts say you should change grips every six months. Don’t wait til the UV and the wear and tear have made the grips slick and slippery, by then it is too late. If your game has been going down, have a look at the condition of your grips before doing anything else. You can start by just giving them a good clean.

MCBlueThe putter grip is another story as many golfers feel that thinner grips provide them with an advantage on the greens because they are easier to manage. Golfers with nervous hands might consider oversize grips as they will feel their hands do not move as much. I personally prefer a normal sized putter grip as it promotes a clean natural stroke.

The grip replacement process should be painless and economical. The Best Golf Grips are the ones that you can have fitted easily with minimum fuss. If you live in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, just drop them off at Better Golf Clubs and I can usually do them on the spot. Or you can pick them up in a couple of hours.

Come and get your grips fitted at Better Golf Clubs and we will determine together what are the Best Golf Grips for you. For more details you can contact www.sudburygolfclubltd.co.uk.